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When you finally decide to price out your Titans PSL or season tickets for sale, you most likely want two things: the highest value you can get for your tickets and the quickest method of selling your tickets. Using our Ticket Appraisal process (T-VAL), we can help you achieve both of these goals. Our NFL PSL and season ticket evaluation provides an accurate representation for how much tickets with similar assets as yours typically can be sold for. We can also help your tickets get sold on NFL ticket marketplaces through our connected distribution channels.


Titans PSL Value Calculator

We built an NFL ticket evaluation that is reliable, accurate, and representative of what your ticket should be selling for in today’s market. Our team thoroughly reviews the assets about your Titans PSL or season tickets provided by you in our Ticket Appraisal form to compare real metrics that ticket buyers consider when choosing to purchase. Some of the data points we look at are listed here!

Seat View

Where your exact seat number is in the stadium and how the view from the seat is

Stadium Newness

When the stadium was built, new amenities the stadium has to offer, etc.

Stadium Location

What the added or subtracted benefits are from where the stadium is located

History of Ticket Sales

What the different ticket types have sold for in the past and where yours fit in

Included Tickets

What the total number of tickets you are looking to sell as part of your bundle

Record Strength

How well the Titans had been playing and what their schedule look like

Size of Arena

How many tickets are sold at the stadium and how fast do the tickets sell

Market Opportunity

How the geographic area of the stadium responds to the buying and selling of PSL’s

How to Sell Titans NFL Tickets

If you are looking to sell your Titans PSL or season tickets, you have come to the right place. Our team provides a start-to-finish ticket evaluation and selling process that allows you to maximize what your tickets are worth, while also being able to sell your tickets quickly. NFL PSL’s have continued to grow in value since their first conception, putting money back into original PSL or season ticket holders pockets. Before you list your tickets on NFL ticket marketplaces, you should find out what your tickets are worth by filling out our free Ticket Appraisal form. The results of this form can provide you with all of the power to sell your tickets for what they are actually worth, not what you guess that they are worth.

Step 1 – Complete the Ticket Appraisal Form

Our Ticket Appraisal form is designed to provide you with an accurate representation of what you should be able to sell your Titans PSL or season tickets for in today’s market. But, we need your help! In order for us to provide you with an accurate estimate for your tickets, you can provide us with as many details as possible about your tickets. The more details, the more we can compare against to provide you with a true value!

Step 2 – Titans Ticket Evaluation

After we collect your ticket information, we begin our evaluation process. Our team of industry experts evaluate the details you provided us about your PSL and match that against real ticket selling data points. These data points provide us with benchmarks on how similar ticket statuses have sold in the Titans market previously, generating an accurately estimated value for your tickets.

Step 3 – Sell Your Titans Tickets Online

The final step in our ticket evaluation process includes a review of our findings and how these findings align with your goals. We not only provide you with an accurate value for the tickets you are looking to sell, but we can also utilize our ticket distribution channels to help get more eyes on the Titans PSL or season tickets you are looking to sell.

What Are My Titans Tickets Worth?

With many ticket buying and selling websites available, it is hard to determine the real value of your tickets and how much you can actually sell them for. Blindly listing your Titans PSL or season tickets on NFL ticket marketplaces can put you in a tough position. You could either list your tickets for too high of an amount and never actually sell, or you could undervalue your tickets and not make what you should have made on the final ticket sale. 

We use a ticket evaluation process that  takes into consideration a variety of ranking factors that ticket buyers actually pay attention too when vetting their options for Titans PSL’s. We like to think of ticket pricing as more of an art, than a science. Whereas, putting yourself in the position of the ticket buyer is just as important as ticket selling data.

Our Ticket Appraisal team considers many other factors when compiling a PSL analysis, including:

  • The stadium location
  • Stadium seating and size
  • The total number of tickets you have to sell
  • and more

If you are a PSL holder and are considering selling your tickets, try our Ticket Appraisal tool. Whether you choose to sell or not, there are no costs or zero obligations.

Giants PSL

Titans Ticket Selling Market

  • Regular season home attendance of the NFL Tennessee Titans franchise: 516,074 fans
  • Average regular season home attendance of the Tennessee Titans: 64,509 fans
  • Tennessee Titans tickets sales: 60 million dollars
  • Average ticket cost for Tennessee Titans games: $92 dollars
  • Facebook fans of the Tennessee Titans: 1 million fans
  • Twitter followers of the Tennessee Titans: 830,000 followers


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