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When you decide it is time to sell your Steelers PSL or season tickets, you want to make sure that you are getting the highest possible value for those seats. In today’s market, selling your Steelers tickets comes down to how much the highest bidder is willing to pay. Our Ticket Appraisal system can help provide you with an accurate value for your PSL or season tickets and help get your tickets in front of eager, ready-to-buy  Steelers fans. Our team of experts have access to large distribution channels getting more eyeballs on your tickets through top-selling marketplaces for PSL’s. 


Steelers PSL Value Calculator

Our ticket appraisal team performs a thorough review of many factors that help to properly evaluate what your ticket(s) might be worth in today’s market of buying/selling Steelers tickets. The Ticket Appraisal process allows us to determine what Steelers fans are willing to pay for the PSL or season tickets you are looking to sell. Skip the hassle of trying to sell your ticket assets on your own and leave it to the PSL pros.


Seat Quality

Where in the stadium your seats are located (ex: front row, aisle, upper deck)

Arena Score

How the stadium ranks against other NFL stadiums in features, age, and more

Weather Impact

How weather can impact the amount of games played throughout the season 

Ticket Price Archives

Archives of tickets sales from previous years to determine any trends in prices

Ticket Counts

The amount of seats you are looking to sell and how they are grouped together

Team Strength

How the upcoming Steelers schedule looks and how well they performed last year

Seat Availability

The amount of seats the stadium can hold and offer to Steelers fans

Potential Market Size

How big of a market is available for buying/selling of Steelers tickets

How to Sell Steelers NFL Tickets

Selling your Steelers PSL or season tickets shouldn’t be a hassle. If you are looking for a fair price for your ticket assets, the team at Ticket Appraisals can get more eyeballs on your tickets through our connected channels. Personal seat licenses for the Steelers could be worth a lot of money in today’s market, and with the help of our Ticket Appraisal team, you can get a realistic estimate for how much your tickets can be sold for. Save the time and effort it would take for you to research current PSL and season ticket costs for the Steelers by working with our NFL ticket appraisal professionals. We bring the knowledge and power of ticket appraisals to you, so that you can get the highest accurate estimate for what you are looking to sell. We take pride in offering an easy, 3-step process to kickoff your Steelers PSL appraisal! 

Step 1 – Submit the Ticket Appraisal Form

The first step in getting an accurate appraisal for your Steelers season tickets is to submit our Ticket Appraisal form. This form allows us to evaluate all assets of your PSL to help generate a value that will be competitive in today’s market but put you in the best position to sell. With many ticket pricing factors to take into consideration, the more details you can provide on this form, the more accurate of an estimate we can provide!

 Step 2 – Ticket Appraisal Evaluation Analysis

The next step in the process requires our team of ticket appraisal experts to evaluate all of the information you provided us about your Steelers PSL and compare that against top appraisal factors (such as seat quality, Steelers strength of schedule, and more) to gather an accurate analysis. These comparative factors allow us to decide what Steelers fans are willing to pay for the tickets you are looking to sell.

Step 3 – Sell Your NFL Tickets Online

The last step in the Ticket Appraisal process consists of a presentation of the valuation that we have gathered for your Steelers tickets. From here, we consult with you on what your tickets selling goals are and how those can be achieved with the help of our appraisal team. In this discussion, we provide insight into how we can utilize our connected distribution channels to help expedite the sale of your PSL or season tickets.

What Are My Steelers Tickets Worth?

We get it – when it comes down to selling your Steelers tickets, it’s all about the money. You want to get the most for the PSL or season tickets you have to offer, without all of the ticket selling hassle and headache. Our team specializes in driving high revenue for tickets in their current NFL markets with the help of our Ticket Appraisal system. Leave it to the ticket appraisal experts to help you sell your tickets for a fair, competitive, and most importantly lucrative price.

Historically, NFL PSL’s have continued to grown year-over-year, driving up the potential sell value of your Steelers ticket assets. PSL’s started at very low prices (some in the 100’s of dollars range) and can now drive upwards of thousands of dollars for some of the NFL’s top teams. There is plenty of room for profit on the sale of your tickets from your initial PSL purchase, but the most important question still remains, “What are Steelers fans willing to pay for my tickets?” 

The best way we can help to answer this question is to figure out what factors drive up high ticket sales when it comes to the buying/selling market. Our Ticket Appraisal team takes advantage of many considerations when providing a final estimate to help offer a unique selling price that makes sense in the current Steelers market. Our process includes reviewing the following:

  • Arena Age
  • Historical Ticket Sales
  • Potential Buying/Selling Market
  • Team Scheduling
  • and more

If you are a PSL holder and are considering selling your tickets, try our T-Val tool. Whether you choose to sell or not, there are no costs or zero obligations.

Giants PSL

Pittsburgh Steelers Ticket Selling Market

  • Regular season home attendance of the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers franchise: 497,896 fans
  • Average regular season home attendance of the Pittsburgh Steelers: 62,237 fans
  • Pittsburgh Steelers tickets sales: 72 million dollars
  • Average ticket cost for Pittsburgh Steelers games: $114.24 dollars
  • Facebook fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers: 6.25 million fans
  • Twitter followers of the Pittsburgh Steelers: 3.5 million followers

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