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Finding out the real value of your Panthers PSL or Season Tickets can help you choose whether or not to sell them.  After considering several factors that help us find out how well your seats will do on our marketplace, we’ll be able to offer a fair price for the tickets you wish to sell.   To ensure we accurately process that data, we designed a custom NFL Ticket Appraisal tool.   This specialized tool compares your ticket information to qualitative and quantitative date points in our database, providing you with an accurate ticket evaluation for your Carolina Panthers tickets.


Panthers PSL Value Calculator

The various components listed here are just some of those considered when our Ticket Appraisal system evaluates your Carolina Panthers PSL or Season Tickets.  The ticket appraisal process that we utilize requires a thorough evaluation of factors that ultimately determine what someone else might be willing to pay for your PSL.

Row Location

Row strength for your seats in the arena (i.e. 50-yard line, aisle, front row, lower bowl etc.)

Stadium Age

The year the arena was built to determine historical value or grand opening status

Location of Stadium

The location of the arena to consider weather effect on scheduled games

Ticket Price History

The historical value of tickets sold at the arena for the most comparable seats

Number of Seats

The total quantity of seats listed together on your PSL or Season Tickets

Opponent Schedule

Strength of the upcoming schedule looks like for your team.

Size of Arena

How many tickets will be sold at the arena to determine exclusivity of tickets

Overall Market Size

How big is the available market in the area for buying/selling of tickets

How to Sell Panthers NFL Tickets

Being a Panthers PSL or Season Ticket holder could prove to be a profitable investment, and now could be a great time to sell.  If you want to sell your tickets for a fair price, you’ve come to the right place. Your Panthers seat license just might be worth a lot of money.  Instead of spending time trying to figure out the worth your NFL assets, you have access to our ticket evaluation tool.  No hassle, no worry – just sell your Carolina Panthers tickets online through our system.  The power is yours with our Ticket Appraisal tool – which aggregates real data points that should be considered when discovering the best price for your Panthers PSL.  It’s simple to use – our ticket purchasing process is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Step 1 – Complete the Ticket Appraisal Form

First of all, we need your details.  Knowing all these details helps us gain an accurate ticket appraisal for your Personal Seat License or Season Tickets.  Because there are several pricing factors involved, it is necessary to capture detailed data about the quality of the ticket assets you want to sell.  This first step, easily filling out our Ticket Appraisal form, begins the process to find out how much your Panthers tickets or PSL are worth.

 Step 2 – Ticket Appraisal NFL Ticket Evaluation

Now that we’ve gathered all of your ticket specifications and information, our proprietary Ticket Appraisal tool begins to process your data against our database. Our Ticket Appraisal tool examines specific criteria in order to provide an accurate valuation of your Panthers tickets by considering some of the following: buyer trends, recent ticket sales, overall market analysis, and more.

Step 3 – Sell Your NFL Tickets Online

A presentation and consultation of the final output from our system is the final step in the Ticket Appraisal process. We will carefully review the results and offer a couple of options that align with your ticket selling goals, based on the Ticket Appraisal Market Value of your Panthers tickets.  At this point, you can decide if you want to sell your tickets to us for cash or partner with us to sell your Panthers tickets for  the NFL season.

What Are My Panthers Tickets Worth?

Deciding if this is the time to sell your Panthers PSL or Season Tickets has everything to do with money!  Because there are many components involved in pricing ticket values, it takes more than a simple internet search.  Our Ticket Appraisal solution processes all the factors and will provide an accurate, fair, and lucrative offer for your NFL ticket assets.

In selling NFL ticket assets, there is a crucial question to be answered,  “what are buyers willing to pay for my PSL?”.  Surprisingly, NFL PSL’s have grown astronomically in worth since they were first introduced into the league.  Some PSL’s started in the low hundreds and are now worth over one thousand dollars – even up to tens of thousands.   That’s quite a return on investment!

Our team executes the ticket evaluation system to simulate putting a buyer in the exact seat(s) potentially being acquired.  From a more personal level, we are able to thoroughly examine all aspects of the asset.  A few of the data points we look at are:

  • Location of seats
  • Strength of schedule
  • Aisle accessibility
  • Ticket availability
  • and more

If you are a Panthers PSL holder and are contemplating selling your tickets, try our Ticket Appraisal tool.  You’ll have no obligation and no fees – whether you choose to sell or not.

Panthers PSL

Panthers Ticket Selling Market

  • Regular season home attendance of the NFL Carolina Panthers franchise: 577,765 fans
  • Average regular season home attendance of theCarolina Panthers: 72,220 fans
  • Carolina Panthers tickets sales: 77 million dollars
  • Average ticket cost for Carolina Panthers: $110 dollars
  • Facebook fans of the Carolina Panthers: 2.25 million fans
  • Twitter followers of the Carolina Panthers: 3 million followers

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