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When the time comes for you to consider selling your Raiders PSL or Raiders Season Tickets, you are going to want to know how much your tickets are actually worth. Ticket values can vary, depending on where you look but why not get top-dollar for the tickets you are looking to sell. To bridge the gap of not knowing exactly what Las Vegas Raiders PSL’s are actually worth, we developed a team that will give you the most accurate estimate on your ticket value. Our Ticket Appraisal team evaluates data points that other platforms don’t consider, such as strength of schedule, stadium location, and more. With this information, you can expect to collect the highest and most-accurate bid on your Raiders Season Tickets.


Raiders PSL Worth Calculator

We take ticket evaluations seriously. There are many factors that we consider when determining how valuable Oakland Raiders Season Tickets or PSL’s are really worth. Our system calculates a variety of data points to determine the dollar amount someone would be willing to pay, based on factors such as listed here (and many, many, more).

Seat Strength

Where your seats are located within the stadium (ex: front row, nosebleeds, etc.)

Stadium Age

How old the stadium is and what amenities are included in a standard ticket price

Weather Impact

Does weather have a strong impact on limitations of games played each year

Ticket Market

How have tickets sold in the past and at what value have those tickets been sold at

Quantity of Seats

How many seats you are looking to sell in your PSL or Season Tickets

Team Schedule

How the NFL season schedule appears with strength and competition

Available Seats

The total number of available seats, indicating exclusivity of tickets and buyers

Surrounding Market

Does the surrounding location fit well for ticket sales and purchases

Where to Sell Your Raiders NFL Tickets

When you go to sell your Raiders NFL tickets, you want to sell your tickets at the highest value possible. In order to do so, you will need to know the exact worth your Raiders PSL holds. With our Ticket Appraisal team, you could find out that your tickets is worth more than you think, encouraging you to sell while the tickets are hot. Sell your NFL tickets online with the help of our evaluation team, zero obligation. Simply fill out the form on our Ticket Appraisal page with as many details as possible about your tickets. This information is then fed into our system to calculate an accurate value for your Raiders ticket assets. When we look at data points, we consider factors that the competition is not, giving you an edge when you finally decide to part from Raider Nation. Our ticket value tool is so easy to use, we broke down the process into 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Fill Out the Ticket Appraisal Form

The details are what we are looking for – every detail matters! When completing our Ticket Appraisal form, the more we know about your Raiders PSL, the better. The more information we have on the tickets you are looking to sell, the better estimate and value we can provide for your assets. We are looking to give your tickets an edge against the competition, so the more data points we can consider, the higher quality value we can present.

 Step 2 – Raider Ticket Evaluation with Ticket Appraisal

After you provide us with all of your ticket information details, we push all of your data into our Ticket Appraisal tool and begin the ticket evaluation. Our team factors in all of the details you include and compares them against metrics such as available seats, stadium age, and more. Once the information runs through our team, we can offer your an accurate value for your Raiders PSL.

Step 3 – Sell Your Raiders Tickets Online

After we run your data through our ticket evaluation process, we present the data to you and consult on the output from our Ticket Appraisal system. In this presentation, we review the results and share the options that align with your goals as a Raiders ticker seller. The evaluation team will provide an accurate representation of what you can sell your ticket for today.

How Much Are My Raiders Tickets Worth?

Attempting to figure out how much your Raiders PSL or Season Tickets are worth can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Which evaluation site is most reliable? Those are some of the initial questions you might find yourself asking. Ticket asset evaluation can be considered more of an art than a science, which is why you might get different values for your Raiders tickets, depending on where you look.

NFL PSL’s have been continuing to grow in value season after season, driving up the worth of tickets such as the Raiders. Some PSL’s can go for as high as tens of thousands of dollars when the holder finally decides it’s time to let go of their tickets. The biggest trade secret we can share about ticket selling, is that tickets are only worth what buyers are willing to pay. So, with the help of our Ticket Appraisal ticket assessment team, we can provide you with an accurate analysis of what your tickets are worth in today’s market.

We take into consideration a significant amount of factors that can help to properly stick a number to your Raiders PSL. Our team considers details such as seat placement, row accessibility, current market trends, and more.

If you are a PSL owner and are considering selling your tickets, take our Ticket Appraisal tool for a test drive (free of charge). Whether you decide that this is the time to sell or not, you won’t get any pressure from us!

Raiders PSL

Raiders Ticket Selling Market

  • Regular season home attendance of the NFL Last Vegas Raiders franchise: 367,848 fans
  • Average regular season home attendance of the Las Vegas Raiders: 52,549 fans
  • Las Vegas Raiders tickets sales: 52 million dollars
  • Average ticket cost for Las Vegas Raiders games: $87.78 dollars
  • Facebook fans of the Las Vegas Raiders: 3.31 million fans
  • Twitter followers of the Las Vegas Raiders: 1.7 million followers

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