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If you are in the consideration stage of selling your Giants PSL or season tickets, you know that there are a variety of NFL ticket marketplaces available for both buyers and sellers. NFL ticket marketplaces offer a variation of PSL and season tickets for the New York Giants, so it can be hard to determine what to list your ticket assets for. We provide accurate and reliable ticket evaluations through our free Ticket Appraisal process. Our team performs a thorough review of your tickets and provides a list price that will help you to sell high and fast on NFL ticket marketplaces.


Giants PSL Value Calculator

Determining a value for your Giants PSL or season tickets is no easy task. There are a variety of ranking factors that we take into consideration as we evaluate your tickets. This evaluation process helps us figure out the value of your PSL and what a potential Giants ticket purchaser would consider spending on the ticket assets you are looking to sell.

Row + Seat Strength

Where your seats are located in the arena and which row your tickets are in

Stadium Newness

What the age of the stadium is and what benefits the area has to offer

Stadium Location

Where the stadium is located and how weather might affect games played

Cost of Tickets

How much tickets typically go for in similar seat rankings at the stadium

Seat Quantity

How many tickets you are wanting to sell from your PSL or season tickets

Schedule Ranking

What the upcoming schedule ranking looks like for the New York Giants season

Arena Size

What the total available tickets are to be sold at the New York Giants stadium

Market Availability

How the surrounding Giants market availability looks like for ticket sales

How to Sell Giants NFL Tickets

If you currently hold Giants PSL or season tickets are want to sell at a fair price, we can help. We put together a thorough NFL ticket evaluation process that provides an accurate representation of how much you can and should list your PSL for on NFL ticket marketplaces. Our ticket evaluation Ticket Appraisal can help you discover exactly how much your Giants personal seat license could be worth in today’s market. Our form is quick and easy to complete, providing you with a hassle-free method of evaluating your Giants ticket worth. Following these three simple steps, you can receive a free Giants PSL evaluation.

Step 1 – Complete the Ticket Appraisal Form

Our free Ticket Appraisal form makes it easy to disclose the details that your Giants PSL or season tickets hold. In this form, every detail counts! The more we know about your tickets, the best estimate we can provide you with when it comes down to selling your PSL. We compare the details you provide against many ranking factors that will help you compete on the Giants ticket selling market.

Step 2 – Giants NFL Ticket Evaluation

After you provide us with the assets of your Giants PSL or season tickets, we can begin the evaluation process. Here, our team dives into the details that you provide us with, and compares those to how current tickets of similar status are selling for. We also take into consideration new factors as shown above to provide a personal value for the tickets you have to offer.

Step 3 – Sell Your Giants NFL Tickets Online

Once our ticket evaluation is completed through our Ticket Appraisal system, we present the estimate to you along with how we determined the estimated value. In this step, we also provide you with options to help align with your Giants PSL selling goals. If you are ready to sell, we can introduce you into our connected NFL ticket distribution channels to help get more eyeballs on the tickets you are looking to sell.

What Are My Giants Tickets Worth?

Determining the worth of your New York Giants PSL or season tickets is no easy task. Many NFL ticket appraisal websites only provide estimates based on a few factors. Typically, these estimates don’t include important value factors that can only be determined by real human interests. We believe that NFL PSL estimates are more of an art than a science, so that is why we have real humans provide thorough evaluations of your Giants PSL’s to include factors that other real humans would be interested in as well.

NFL PSL’s have continued to grow in value since they were first brought into the league. PSL’s and season tickets can hold substantial values for many teams across the league. If you are considering selling your Giants tickets, you could be in a prime position for a substantial return on your initial investment.

When we estimate value on Giants PSL’s, we review all ticket asset information that you provide us with through our Ticket Appraisal system. This information helps guide us on which ranking factors are going to ultimately help you sell your tickets for high value. Although we consider many elements of your tickets, here are a few top features we review:

  • Seat location and view within the stadium
  • Historical or modern value of the stadium
  • Upcoming seasonal schedule strength
  • and more

If you are a PSL holder and are considering selling your tickets, try our Ticket Appraisal tool. Whether you choose to sell or not, there are no costs or zero obligations.

Giants PSL

Giants Ticket Selling Market

  • Regular season home attendance of the NFL New York Giants franchise: 597,000 fans
  • Average regular season home attendance of the New York Giants: 74,664 fans
  • New York Giants tickets sales: 98 million dollars
  • Average ticket cost for New York Giants games: $115 dollars
  • Facebook fans of the New York Giants: 3.75 million fans
  • Twitter followers of the New York Giants: 1.8 million followers

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