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When it comes time for Seahawks PSL or Season Tickets owners to decide whether or not to sell, it comes down to the value of the asset.  Figuring out how well your seats will do on our marketplace is derived from a handful of factors that need to be considered.  To aid us in that process, we built an exclusive NFL ticket evaluation tool, Ticket Appraisal.  Our tool compares your ticket data to several data points in our collection, offering the most accurate and up-to-date ticket valuation for your Seattle Seahawks tickets.


Seahawks PSL Value Calculator

 Appraising your Seattle Seahawks PSL will require a complete evaluation of components like you see listed here (and many more!).  Ultimately, we need to determine what someone would be willing to pay for your PSL.  That value can be calculated by accessing our Ticket Appraisal system.

Row Location

Location of seats in the arena (i.e. front-row, aisle, 50-yard line, club level, etc.)

Arena Age

The year the stadium was built to determine historical value or grand opening status

Location of Arena

The location of the stadium to consider weather effect on scheduled games

Ticket Price History

The historical value of tickets sold at the stadium for comparable seats

Quantity of Seats

The total number of seats listed together on your PSL or Season Tickets

Schedule Strength

What  the upcoming schedule looks like for your team to determine popular games

Size of Arena

How many tickets will be sold at the stadium to determine exclusivity of tickets

Geo Market Size

How big of a market is available in the area for buying/selling of tickets

How to Sell Seahawks NFL Tickets

If you are an Seahawks PSL holder and you wish to sell your tickets for an honest, equitable price, you’ve found the right place. Your Seahawks seat license could be worth big bucks, making right now a great time to sell. With the assistance of our ticket evaluation tool, you are able to sell your Seahawks NFL tickets online, without all the hassle of negotiations with potential buyers. Selling NFL seat licenses through our system saves you time and frustration trying to determine what your tickets are worth. You have the Ticket Appraisal power in your hands with a gathering of real data points that should be considered when configuring the best price for your Seattle Seahawks season tickets or PSL.  The purchasing process for your Seahawks tickets can be broken down into 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Complete the Ticket Appraisal Form

The first step in finding out the value of your Seahawks PSL or Season Tickets is filling out the quick and easy Ticket Appraisal form.  Every detail is important!  The more we know about your PSL or Season Tickets, the more accurate our ticket appraisal will be.  Because there are so many pricing factors to consider, we need to capture every detail possible to determine the quality of the ticket assets you are looking to sell.

Step 2 – Ticket Appraisal NFL Ticket Evaluation

Now that we’ve recorded all of your Seahawks ticket details, the Ticket Appraisal tool is ready for action!  The next step is allowing our Ticket Appraisal system to compare your ticket data with our database.  An accurate value for your Seahawks PSL will be calculated by looking at the various factors – such as buyer trends, recent ticket sales, strength of schedule, and more.

Step 3 – Sell Your NFL Tickets Online

That’s it!  The last step in valuing your Seahawks PSL will be a presentation and consultation, based on the final output from our Ticket Appraisal process.  Now, we will review the results and propose a couple of options that align with your ticket selling goals.  These options are based on the Ticket Appraisal market value of your Seahawks tickets.  All you  have to do is decide if you want to sell your tickets to us for cash, or if you wish to partner with us to sell your tickets.

What Are My Seahawks Tickets Worth?

When it’s time to think about selling or holding on to your Seahawks PSL or season tickets, the money is a big consideration.  You want to make sure you have a realistic and accurate value of your assets.  It’s a little more art than science, comparing the various factors to be weighed.  It is with confidence that we say our Ticket Appraisal tool will give you an authentic, fair, and profitable offer for your NFL tickets.

From an investment standpoint, NFL PSL’s have really performed!  Their growth has been exponential since first being introduced into the league.  The value has steadily increased from hundreds to thousands and even ten thousands of dollars over time.  The actual value of the Seahawks PSL’s stems from one very important question,  “what are buyers willing to pay for my PSL?”.

Discovering the ticket value revolves around putting ourselves in the exact seat(s) a buyer would be potentially acquiring. This makes it possible for us to consider all factors of what the assets might be worth from a personal level. We view things like:

  • Row location
  • Availability of tickets
  • Aisle accessibility
  • Ticket price history
  • and more

If you are aSeattle Seahawks PSL holder and are thinking about selling your tickets, try our Ticket Appraisal tool.  Even if you decide not to sell, you’ll have no fees and no obligation.

Seahawks PSL

Seahawks Ticket Selling Market

  • Regular season home attendance of the NFLSeattle Seahawks franchise: 552,000 fans
  • Average regular season home attendance of theSeattle Seahawks: 68,990 fans
  • Seattle Seahawks tickets sales: 78 million dollars
  • Average ticket cost forSeattle Seahawks games: $127 dollars
  • Facebook fans of theSeattle Seahawks: 3.85 million fans
  • Twitter followers of theSeattle Seahawks: 2.4 million followers

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