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Picking whether to sell your Bears PSL or Season Tickets, boils down to how much those tickets can be valued at for Bears tickets buyers. When we constructed our custom NFL ticket assessment system to give us that information, we looked at the process to be more of an art than a science when it came down to evaluating the details. All Bears PSL’s have value, but finding an accurate value that will flip you the most profit, while still being able to sell your ticket, is where our team comes in. Alongside the ticket evaluation process, we have large ticket distribution channels at the ready to push your PSL or season tickets out to Bears fans across the country – ready to buy!


Bears PSL Value Calculator

Our Ticket Appraisal experts perform a thorough review of all your ticket assets and compare them against a variety of ranking factors. These details about your PSL provide our team with the strongest data points in determining what a Bears fan might pay for the tickets you are looking to sell. After we can determine the value of your Bears season tickets, we can then utilize our connected ticket marketplace channels to get your PSL in front of more potential buyers.

Seat Value

Seat location within the stadium including aisle, row, and any additional details

Arena Build Date

How new (or old) a stadium is to determine how much tickets typically sell for

Weather Conditions

What have the weather conditions been like at the stadium each year

Ticket Sales Data

At what price range have tickets typically sold at for the Bears over time

Seat Count

Total number of seats you are including in your PSL or Season Ticket offer

Team Score

The score the Bears are given based on schedule strength and previous performance

Available Seating

The total number of tickets available to consumers to purchase at the arena

Bears Market Size

What does the buyer/seller market look like for Bears tickets in the area

How to Sell Bears NFL Tickets

Being a Bears PSL or season ticket holder, you might find yourself at the point where you are looking to sell. But, how do you find the best value for your tickets? With so many ticket selling options and tools, how do you know if you are getting a fair evaluation on your tickets? We designed our Ticket Appraisal system to take into consideration assets from your PSL that will ultimately provide you with the highest accurate price. We not only provide you with the power to sell your tickets at the best price, but also boost the sale turnaround time of your tickets by driving more eyes on the season tickets you are looking to sell. We have a network of connected ticket selling channels that will put you in position for a quicker sell, so you won’t be stuck with tickets you want to get rid of.

Step 1 – Fill Out Our Free Ticket Appraisal Form

Complete our free Ticket Appraisal form with as many details about your tickets as you can share. Every detail of your PSL or season tickets you can provide us with can be the edge that gets your ticket sold. With the details you provide, we can determine what tickets of similar status can and have sold for.

Step 2 – PSL/Season Ticket Evaluation

We take the data from the Ticket Appraisal form that you completed and use that to provide accurate estimates for how much your tickets can sell for. We review a large variety of metrics and data points to consider an accurate evaluation for the tickets you are looking to sell.

Step 3 – Sell Your Bears Tickets Online

After we complete an analysis of your ticket assets and know the value of your Bears PSL or season tickets, we provide a consultation for the next step of selling your tickets. Whether or not you choose to sell your tickets after we perform our review, is completely up to you. No haggle or hassle!

What Are My Bears Tickets Worth?

NFL ticket marketplaces have different high selling seasons throughout the year. Bears PSL’s often are bought and sold in the off-season, typically after a rough prior year showing. Long-term PSL holders might look to sell, while people seeking to obtain their first season tickets look at this timing as an opportunity to buy. Not only are tickets bought and sold seasonally, but also dependent on demand.

The buyer market for NFL tickets relies on PSL holders to sell. The NFL only allows and generates a limited amount of season tickets or PSL’s for each team, granting holders of these, exclusivity. So, when we evaluate all of the factors of your tickets, we take into consideration just how exclusive your tickets might be to determine worth.

When you finally decide it is time to consider selling your Bears tickets, our free Ticket Appraisal team can help. We take a look at quantitative data points that can factor in metrics such as:

  •  Total available tickets at the stadium
  • Weather conditions that might limit games played
  • Seat location and view in the stadium
  • Team performance last season and beyond
  • and many more

Our Ticket Appraisal team can help you properly evaluate your ticket worth, at no risk to you. Contact us today to learn more!

Bears PSL

Chicago Bears Ticket Selling Market

  • Regular season home attendance of the NFL Chicago Bears franchise: 480,000 fans
  • Average regular season home attendance of the Chicago Bears: 61,196 fans
  • Chicago Bears tickets sales: 71 million dollars
  • Average ticket cost for Chicago Bears games: $122.90 dollars
  • Facebook fans of the Chicago Bears: 3.9 million fans
  • Twitter followers of the Chicago Bears: 1.8 million followers

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